Collection: Bundle

Boost your sales by offering meaningful product bundles.

Create bundles the way you want it (add as many products or variants) at the price that makes sense (percentage, fixed discounts or a new price all together). Enables you to increase your AOV by offering a better value deal for your direct customers and gives you the meaning to handle your wholesale side. BundleJET will also take care of your product stock levels adjustments. And the best part is that we'll do this so seamless, your customer experience will not be affected one bit.

  • Flexible options to bundle up your product variants.
  • Inventory level and fulfillment flows are unchanged.
  • Dashboard that shows you bundle sales and orders data in real time.
  • Customer's shopping experience is unaltered.
  • Automatic installation. No code changes required.

Free to install. Additional charges may apply.

Increase your sales with this friendly and powerful app that allows you to create meaningful bundles