Helpful Product Reviews App

Helpful Product Reviews App is a powerful tool designed to assist businesses in collecting and showcasing reviews. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, this app enables merchants to automate the review collection process, import reviews from various sources, and display them attractively on their websites.

Engaging visitors at critical conversion points and offering incentives for photo and video reviews, this app aims to enhance customer satisfaction and boost sales.

With a high rating and positive feedback from users, Helpful Product Reviews App is a reliable solution for businesses seeking to harness the power of customer reviews.

  • HelpfulCrowd offers a free plan with a 14-day free trial and additional charges may apply.
  • The app automatically collects reviews through personalized review requests after purchase and can also import reviews from past orders and other review apps or Aliexpress.
  • HelpfulCrowd showcases reviews in attractive display widgets and engages visitors at critical conversion points. It also offers discounts for customers who share photos and video reviews.
  • The app supports theme inheriting, is available in 30+ languages, and has a rating of 4.9. It is highly recommended by merchants for its user-friendly design, excellent customer service, and beneficial features that enhance website aesthetics and load times.


The features of HelpfulCrowd include:

  • A free plan with a 14-day free trial
  • The ability to automatically collect reviews through personalized review requests after purchase
  • The option to import reviews from past orders or other review apps
  • The ability to showcase reviews in display widgets and engage visitors at critical conversion points

These features offer numerous benefits to users, such as:

  • The opportunity to gather customer feedback and increase customer satisfaction
  • By automatically collecting reviews, businesses can gain valuable insights into their products or services and make improvements accordingly
  • Importing reviews from past orders or other review apps allows businesses to consolidate their reviews in one place, making it easier for potential customers to access and evaluate
  • Showcasing reviews in display widgets helps to build trust and credibility, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates

Overall, these features contribute to enhanced customer satisfaction and drive business success.


Pricing for the app includes a free plan with a 14-day trial, and there may be additional charges for certain features.

The free plan allows businesses to try out the app and experience its features before committing to a paid plan.

Additional charges may apply for advanced functionalities such as importing reviews from other apps or Aliexpress, and offering discounts for customers who share media reviews.

Compared to its competitors, HelpfulCrowd offers affordable pricing plans that cater to different business sizes.

For smaller businesses, the basic plan meets all their needs at a lower cost.

Larger businesses can opt for higher-tier plans that provide more extensive features.

Overall, HelpfulCrowd's pricing structure is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes and provides flexibility in choosing the right plan based on their specific requirements and budget.

Review Collection

Review Collection on HelpfulCrowd involves the automatic gathering of customer reviews through personalized review requests, as well as the ability to import reviews from other platforms or Aliexpress.

Customer feedback is of utmost importance as it provides valuable insights into the quality and performance of a product or service. It helps businesses identify areas for improvement, understand customer preferences, and build trust and credibility among potential customers.

To maximize review collection, businesses can implement strategies such as sending timely review requests after purchase, offering incentives for customers to leave reviews, and showcasing reviews prominently on their website.

Additionally, businesses can actively engage with customers on social media platforms and encourage them to share their experiences and reviews.

By prioritizing review collection, businesses can leverage customer feedback to make informed decisions, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive sales.

Display Widgets

Display widgets on HelpfulCrowd enable businesses to showcase customer reviews in attractive formats, enhancing the visual appeal of their website and capturing the attention of visitors at crucial points in the customer journey. These display widgets offer several benefits for businesses:

  1. Increased credibility: Displaying customer reviews in a visually appealing format enhances the credibility of the business and its products. Visitors are more likely to trust the opinions and experiences of other customers.

  2. Improved conversion rates: By strategically placing display widgets at critical conversion points, such as the product page or checkout page, businesses can effectively engage visitors and increase conversion rates. Positive reviews act as social proof, influencing potential customers to make a purchase.

  3. Enhanced user experience: Display widgets provide an intuitive and user-friendly way for visitors to browse and interact with customer reviews. This improves the overall user experience and encourages visitors to stay on the website longer, increasing the chances of conversion.

To maximize engagement with display widgets, businesses should consider the following strategies:

  1. Placement: Positioning the display widgets at prominent locations on the website, such as above the fold or near the call-to-action buttons, ensures maximum visibility and engagement.

  2. Customization: Customizing the display widgets to match the branding and aesthetics of the website creates a cohesive and visually appealing experience for visitors.

  3. Regular updates: Continuously updating the display widgets with fresh reviews and user-generated content keeps the content relevant and encourages visitors to engage with the reviews.

By utilizing display widgets effectively, businesses can leverage the power of customer reviews to build trust, increase conversions, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Engaging Visitors

Engaging visitors on a website is crucial for businesses to create a compelling user experience and drive conversions. By increasing customer engagement, businesses can improve conversion rates through visitor interaction.

HelpfulCrowd's display widgets play a significant role in engaging visitors at critical conversion points. These widgets showcase reviews in a beautiful display, capturing the attention of visitors and providing social proof.

Additionally, HelpfulCrowd offers discounts for customers who share photos and video reviews, further encouraging engagement and interaction. By incorporating user-generated content, businesses can create a more immersive and authentic experience for visitors, increasing their trust and confidence in the product. This, in turn, leads to higher conversion rates and ultimately, more sales.

Through its engaging display widgets and emphasis on customer interaction, HelpfulCrowd helps businesses effectively engage visitors and improve their conversion rates.

Integration and Migration

Integration and migration play a crucial role in streamlining the incorporation of HelpfulCrowd's features into existing websites and ensuring a seamless transition of reviews and customer content from previous platforms.

By integrating with other review apps or importing from Aliexpress, HelpfulCrowd allows businesses to easily collect and showcase reviews from past orders. This integration and migration process not only saves time and effort but also ensures that valuable customer content is preserved during the transition.

The benefits of integration and migration include enhanced website aesthetics, improved load times, and the ability to collect customer content for social proof. However, challenges may arise, such as compatibility issues with different platforms or the need for technical expertise to complete the integration.

Overall, integration and migration are essential for businesses looking to leverage HelpfulCrowd's features and maximize the benefits of customer reviews.

Multilingual Support

In the previous subtopic, we discussed the integration and migration features of the HelpfulCrowd product reviews app.

Now, let's delve into another important aspect of this app, which is its multilingual support. HelpfulCrowd offers its services in over 30 languages, ensuring that businesses can cater to a global customer base.

This feature brings numerous benefits, including enhanced customer satisfaction and improved user experience. By providing support in multiple languages, businesses can effectively communicate with customers from different regions, breaking down language barriers and fostering a sense of inclusivity.

This not only increases customer satisfaction but also expands the reach of the business, attracting a wider audience. Additionally, by offering multilingual support, HelpfulCrowd demonstrates its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its users, further enhancing their overall experience.

Through this feature, the app ensures that businesses can provide a seamless and personalized experience to their customers, ultimately contributing to their success and satisfaction.

Review Statistics

Review statistics reveal the overwhelmingly positive reception of HelpfulCrowd, with 98% of ratings being 5 stars, highlighting the app's ability to consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences. These impressive review ratings underscore the benefits of customer reviews and their importance in building trust and credibility for businesses.

High review ratings not only serve as social proof for potential customers but also enhance a business's reputation and increase conversion rates. By consistently receiving 5-star ratings, HelpfulCrowd demonstrates its ability to meet and exceed customer expectations, providing a valuable and reliable product reviews app.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from users further solidifies the app's reputation as a trusted platform for collecting and showcasing reviews. With such high review ratings, businesses can confidently rely on HelpfulCrowd to enhance their online presence and drive customer engagement.

Merchant Feedback

Merchant feedback for HelpfulCrowd highlights several key aspects of the app that contribute to its overall positive reputation. Users appreciate the user-friendly design, excellent customer service, beneficial features, and affordable pricing. These factors work together to enhance website aesthetics, improve load times, and collect customer content for social proof.

One specific feature that users commend is the review slider, which allows for easy navigation and display of customer reviews. Additionally, the preservation of reviews during migration is highly valued, as it ensures a seamless transition when switching to HelpfulCrowd.

The app's ability to collect customer content for social proof is also highly appreciated, as it helps merchants build trust and credibility with potential customers. Furthermore, merchants have expressed their satisfaction with the affordable pricing of HelpfulCrowd compared to other review apps.

The customer service provided by HelpfulCrowd, particularly from Yusuf, is highly praised for being responsive, quick, and knowledgeable. Merchants have also noted the app's continuous improvement and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Overall, the merchant feedback for HelpfulCrowd indicates a high level of customer satisfaction with the app's features, design, and customer service.

Positive Experiences

Positive experiences reported by users include:

  • Highly responsive support from the HelpfulCrowd team
  • Boost in sales and review rates
  • Provision of social proof
  • Customization options for branding
  • Better load times compared to competitors
  • Easy-to-use interface with quick support
  • Assistance with migration and preservation of reviews
  • Availability of all necessary features in a clean design
  • Affordable pricing compared to other review apps
  • Positive experience with HelpfulCrowd for several years

Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the app's ability to meet their needs at a lower cost, as well as the excellent customer service provided, particularly from Yusuf. They appreciate the continuous improvement and commitment to customer satisfaction demonstrated by HelpfulCrowd.

Overall, the app has garnered positive customer testimonials, reflecting high user satisfaction.

HelpfulCrowd's Response

In response to the positive feedback received, HelpfulCrowd expresses their appreciation for the customer's satisfaction and 5-star rating. They value the support and are grateful for the positive experience shared by the customer.

HelpfulCrowd emphasizes their commitment to providing top-notch customer service and continuous improvement. They assure the customer that their feedback is invaluable and encourages further inquiries.

The response showcases HelpfulCrowd's dedication to customer satisfaction and their eagerness for future collaboration. They recognize the importance of user-generated content in boosting sales and providing social proof.

HelpfulCrowd highlights the benefits of user-generated content for businesses, emphasizing the ability to get authentic user-generated content videos from customers on autopilot.

They provide contact information for more details, showcasing their commitment to transparency and open communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the display widgets to match my branding?

Yes, the display widgets of HelpfulCrowd can be customized to match your branding. The app offers customization options that allow you to maintain branding consistency and create a seamless integration with your website design.

How does HelpfulCrowd collect reviews from past orders and other review apps?

HelpfulCrowd collects reviews from past orders and other review apps by automatically importing them into their system. However, it is important to consider data privacy concerns when collecting reviews from past orders, as customer data should be handled securely. Review apps, like HelpfulCrowd, are effective in driving customer engagement and sales by showcasing social proof and encouraging potential customers to make purchases based on positive reviews.

What social channels does HelpfulCrowd engage new audiences through?

Social media advertising and influencer partnerships are two ways that HelpfulCrowd engages new audiences. By utilizing social media platforms and partnering with influencers, they are able to reach a wider audience and increase brand visibility.

Does HelpfulCrowd offer any discounts for customers who share photos or video reviews?

Yes, HelpfulCrowd offers customer incentives for review sharing. Customers who share photos or video reviews can receive discounts. This encourages customers to engage with the app and provide valuable user-generated content for businesses.

Can HelpfulCrowd assist with the migration of reviews from another review app?

Yes, HelpfulCrowd can assist with the migration of reviews from another review app. They also offer branding customization options to match the app with your website's branding.

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