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Global-e API Revolutionizes Shipping Documents Integration

Global-e's API revolutionizes shipping documents integration by providing a seamless and efficient way to generate and manage shipping labels, commercial invoices, and other critical documents, guaranteeing accurate and timely order fulfillment. The API's capabilities include duty guarantee for cross-border orders, precise document generation, and carrier network integration. With effective error handling and voiding functionalities, merchants can minimize integration disruptions and ensure a smooth shipping experience. By streamlining shipping document integration, merchants can focus on growing their business. Discover how Global-e's API can optimize your shipping operations and take your business to the next level.

Key Takeaways

• Global-e Shipping API streamlines shipping documents integration, ensuring seamless generation of labels and commercial invoices.
• Accurate document generation is facilitated through precise shipping details, ensuring smooth carrier integration and minimizing errors.
• Merchants can leverage the API's carrier network for various shipping models, guaranteeing duty for cross-border orders.
• Effective error handling and voiding capabilities minimize integration disruptions, ensuring a seamless shipping document integration experience.
• The API's logic prioritizes accurate shipment content description, enabling efficient order processing and precise carrier integration.

Shipping Documents API Capabilities

With the Global-e Shipping API, merchants can leverage a wide range of capabilities for seamless shipping documents integration. This includes the generation of shipping labels and commercial invoices, as well as duty guarantee for cross-border orders. The API facilitates accurate document generation, ensuring precision in shipping details.

Merchants can choose from various shipping models, leveraging Global-e's extensive carrier network to optimize their shipping operations. The API's capabilities enable merchants to streamline their shipping process, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

Documents Handling and Logic

When processing Global-e operated orders, the API's document handling logic prioritizes accurately describing shipment contents to guarantee smooth integration with carrier services. This guarantees that all necessary documents, such as shipping labels and commercial invoices, are generated correctly and efficiently.

The API's logic is based on receiving and identifying Global-e operated orders, declaring orders for dispatch, and retrieving shipping documents.

  • Order itemization is important for accurate shipment description
  • Dispatch selection is essential for carrier integration
  • Carrier label and PDF invoice(s) are returned upon direct dispatch
  • Additional documents like Dangerous Goods Note may be included
  • Accurate description of shipment contents ensures seamless carrier integration

Integration Prerequisites and Steps

In order to guarantee seamless integration with the Global-e API, merchants must meet specific prerequisites, including supporting complete order item lists in their OMS/WMS and the ability to select items for dispatch. This integration readiness is vital for efficient order processing.

The Global-e API integrates shipping capabilities, and its implementation is based on the Global-e shipping solution for carrier integration. To initiate the integration process, merchants must identify Global-e API-processed orders, which can be received directly or via third-party integrations.

The API endpoint for retrieving shipping documents requires necessary parameters, ensuring accurate document generation. By meeting these prerequisites and following the integration steps, merchants can ensure a smooth and efficient shipping document integration experience.

Error Handling and Voiding

Effective error handling is essential to prevent integration disruptions and guarantee a seamless shipping document integration experience with the Global-e API. This is especially important when dealing with order cancellation and manifesting, as these scenarios can greatly impact the shipping process.

To ensure efficient error handling, the Global-e API provides a range of error codes, including A100 for invalid information schema, A300 for SKUs not part of the original order, and B200 for an undetermined destination hub.

  • Error codes are used to identify and resolve integration issues

  • Voiding parcels is possible through the Void Parcel API

  • Error handling scenarios include order cancellation and end-of-day manifesting

  • Error codes provide detailed information on the error cause

  • Integration disruptions can be minimized with effective error handling

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Customize Shipping Document Templates for My Brand?

Did you know that 72% of customers prefer to buy from brands with consistent visual identity? To maintain brand identity and visual consistency, you can customize shipping document templates to reflect your brand's unique voice and aesthetic, ensuring a cohesive customer experience.

Are There Any Additional Fees for Using Specialized Global-E Services?

Regarding additional fees for using specialized Global-e services, merchants should expect varying fee structures depending on their chosen service tiers, with some services potentially incurring extra charges, necessitating a thorough review of pricing models.

How Do I Handle Shipping Documents for Orders With Multiple Packages?

When handling shipping documents for orders with multiple packages, consider package consolidation to minimize document duplication, ensuring accuracy and efficiency by generating a single commercial invoice and shipping label for the consolidated shipment.

Is There a Limit to the Number of API Calls I Can Make per Day?

Regarding the daily API call limit, rate limiting is implemented to prevent abuse, ensuring a burst capacity of 10 calls per second, with a daily quota of 50,000 calls, allowing for efficient and controlled integration.

Does Global-E Provide Support for Shipping Documents in Languages Other Than English?

Global-e's shipping documents API supports multilingual compliance, ensuring global accessibility by generating commercial invoices and shipping labels in various languages, catering to diverse markets and regulatory requirements, thereby enhancing international trade facilitation.

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