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My parents visited Bauman’s Farm and Gardens in Gervais, Oregon, (outside Woodburn) for the first time several months ago. They loved it and proceeded to rave about how much we would too. I couldn’t take it any longer; I had to see this place for myself. My husband and I packed up our two kiddos, along with my mom serving as tour guide, and made the trip towards the end of September.

How have I lived in Oregon most of my life and never been to Bauman Farms?! I loved this place every bit as much as my mom. If the giggling, shrieking, running, and jumping was any indication, our kids did, too.

It is packed with events and activities that will appeal to everyone in the family. They take things up a big notch for the month of October. Check out their website for a full list of both weekday and weekend offerings.

Our kids are 2 and 4; they were perfectly happy playing in the free areas. For older kids and adults, you can purchase tickets to do the different activities.

They have this great playground, surrounded by a little track for the tricycles. On the other side of the fence was a track with pedal carts for adults and bigger kids.

My 2-year old son was all about the big dump trucks and tractors. He happily scooped rocks and moved heavy equipment for an entire hour.

I took this shot standing on top of a pile of tiered tractor tires, filled in with wood chips. Perfect for climbing, jumping, and general kid mayhem.

A quarter will get you a handful of pellets to feed the goats, llama, rabbits, and chickens in the animal barn. This picture makes the goats look slightly crazed, but they were actually super friendly and adorable. I resisted the urge to pack one of those sweet babies out in my bag.


After exploring the barn, we walked up the stairs on the elevated walkway that runs above the pen holding the goats, llama, ducks, chickens, and geese. Drop a handful of food pellets down this pipe and watch the barnyard madness as the animals come squawking and scrambling over for a quick snack.

We walked through the display gardens and plant greenhouses, bursting with fall color. These pictures were taken about three weeks ago when the hanging baskets were still in full bloom. Those are probably down now, but the mums should be even bigger and brighter.

They also have a farm market, coffee shop, and bakery selling a wide variety of produce, baked goods, and seasonal decorations.

I could have wandered around here forever, if it weren’t for two small people begging to go back to the playground and one big husband begging for lunch. We had a nice little picnic lunch at a table next to the playground. Win-win.

This guy cracked me up. A born star, for sure.

Bauman’s Farm and Garden didn’t give me so much as a pumpkin for this post. I just love what they are doing here and couldn’t stay mum. (ha! punny.)

Be sure to check out the Facebook post linked below for even more testimonials! Readers have commented on why they love Bauman’s so much and what they find the most fun.

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