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Style has always been a personal and subjective thing, but only in recent times has this been truly embraced. While deciding our top best dressed people in Bangkok this August, we’ve realised that the most outstanding fashionistas are those who best create outward versions of their inner selves. As fashion has become more free and democratic, so has our wardrobe. More and more people are challenging traditional dress codes for gender, occupations, and occasions, adding their own personal vibe to every look.

Whether you’re into party ruffles or kick-back denims, we hope our Best Dressed in Bangkok list this month offers some inspiration and motivation for you to make fashion more, well, you.

[Hero image: Instagram/@sara_legge; Feature image: Instagram/@chermarn]
Laila Chermarn Boonyasak 

Laila started the month strong at the Sretsis party which saw a whole group of people dressed in dazzling outfits. She stood out to us though, wearing this kitsch heart-printed ruffle dress that somehow looks both street tough and delicately feminine on her. Bold, colourful, yet still fitting in perfectly with the occasion (notice the matching carpet) -- here’s someone who not so much follows the party dress code, but decides it. 
Push Puttichai Kasetsin

The young-faced DJ might be seen more often in dark t-shirts and metallic bomber jackets, but that doesn’t mean he’s a stranger to the suit. Impeccably sleek and perfectly tailored, Push wears Sean Poem’s ombre suit with the elegance of a gazelle. Turning the tables on the conventions of DJ styles, he still brings a little swish of colour and excitement to your traditional black suit. 
Teerut Wongwatasin

Teerut Wongwatanasin epitomises the futuristic and ethereal chic that has become the signature of his clothing line. Together with BMW, he hosted an escape to Pattaya this month to celebrate the launch of Vickteerut’s new collection, “The Escapists”, bringing along all the slick, suave, espionage-style looks with him. Oversized yet sleek, masculine yet soft -- Teerut’s personal style is always the best advertisement for his brand.
Ploy Saengkhae Hemkamnonset

Another designer who wears what she preaches, Ploy’s style is just like her brand: cheery, colourful, and classic with a twist. But being a real fashionista at heart, she’s also often out supporting other independent labels, nailing every look as she does so. This denim and bright knit ensemble, for example, makes a lovely combination of boyish-casual and girl-next-door chic. It also combines her own pieces with the jeans from Fad. We’ll be taking some notes (and a few Saengkhae pieces) from her for sure.
Sara Legge

“Stealing from the boys” is definitely not a new concept in modern dress codes, but Sara Legge does it in a way that also makes it look like the androgynous clothes were made for her. The subtle adaptations like heelless loafers and high-waisted suit trousers takes traditional “masculine” wear and gives it a chic feminine twist. She’s also no rookie when it comes to accessorising: pearl-adorned from hair clips to earrings to bucket bag, she makes those narrow-lens sunglasses look both cute and rebellious. Sara’s style is all about subtle contradictions, and we’re completely into it. 

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